“To be a Mom is easy, but it’s not easy to be a great Mom” – said Phoebe

July comes, according to lunar calendar. This is the month that Vietnamese people tell each other to be careful of their job, love, traveling, etc. because in some traditional stories, it is called “tháng cô hồn” when many spirits are free and they will wander in the real world. However, people forget it is also the month of showing respect to great Moms. I must say “great” as the more I observe, the more I appreciate Moms’ sacrifice for their children.

If you have ever heard of a story about Mom who suffered from the hurt in a surgery, you will understand what I mean. At that time, she was around 26 years old and was pregnant for the first time. She accepted to have that surgery WITHOUT using anesthetic to keep her baby. She was fainted right after the lancet touched her skin hurtfully and she said until now she still felt THAT moment. She is my boyfriend’s mother.

When listening to her story, I really admired and felt thankful as without her, I would never have a chance to meet my man.

And there is another woman of the same type. It’s my Mom.

I miss her when writing these lines…

Although I love her so much, I am often angry with her. I don’t know why, maybe I take her for granted that I don’t care what she thinks about my ugly feelings that others never see in me. I know that I’m wrong at that time and want to change it but I still make mistake whenever I have problems.

If there is anyone in the world who is patient with me, it’s my Mom. If unconditional love exists, it will be the love my Mom gives to me.

During her life, she has worked hard to raise us, to support my father, to give us a better living condition. Until now, she still sacrifices for us so much, which makes me love her more. My Mom once said that she didn’t feel tired of taking a lot of time to earn money for my brother and me to go to university. She even felt proud of us. She even didn’t have time for her when she was young.

Sometimes I wish I could help her more but it seems to be never enough.

I know that my Mom or any Mom in this world won’t need their children to pay them anything back. The thing I can do for her now is to take care of myself better. It’s the ONLY thing.